Reach Award Example - Resiliency


Within the past 18 months, describe an award-worthy utility or distributor project that impacted the community.

Project Overview

Alliant Energy integrated FlexNet service alarms with their outage management and dispatch work order systems. This project improved the utility’s outage response time and helped Alliant Energy efficiently manage service restoration, verify service restoration to individual meters and follow-up to restore isolated outages before customers called to notify them of any outage.

Approach and Solutions

Establish an interface between the FlexNet RNI head end system and the utility's business application software to deliver real time notification of service quality alarms with its OMS and Dispatch Work Order management applications. The application filters the alarms to discern normal business activities from customer service quality problems and prioritizes critical issues for immediate follow-up by a service crew.

Community Benefit

A home explosion trapped a Rose Hill, Iowa, couple under tons of rubble and Alliant Energy lineman Alex Schwenke responded first to the scene to save their lives. A power outage alert from a Sensus Stratus electricity meter had him first on the scene of a real life-saving situation.


Alex called 911 and with the help of fire crews they were able to rescue the couple.