Reach Award Example - Transformation


Within the past 18 months, describe an award-worthy utility or distributor project.

Project Overview

Over the last year, Park City, Utah collaborated with Sensus to utilize our most cutting edge products to monitor the water distribution system, reduce non-revenue water, and improve operational efficiency. Water Resources Manager Jason Christensen leveraged AMI with additional applications beyond meter reading to implement a smart utility network. Jason has truly embraced the “One Xylem” solution in working with Sensus and our sister brand Visenti in the Advanced Infrastructure Analytics (AIA) organization.


Leverage the existing FlexNet system to monitor 50 pressure zones and receive alerts in near real time of valve failures that can lead to breaks or leaks. Additionally, reduce Park City’s non-revenue water (calculated at 27% in 2017) to preserve water and improve operating efficiency.

Tactics and Solutions

Park City piloted a monitoring solution using the Smart Gateway sensor interface and the Pressure Profile Application. Jason envisioned the concept of a ‘Smart PRV’ that would capture not only pressure but also flow, and worked with Sensus on a solution where insertion meters were read using SmartPoints. Next, to reduce its non-revenue water, Park City enlisted the help of Visenti, a Xylem brand, to monitor its Upper Dear Valley District Metered Area (DMA). Visenti deployed sophisticated pressure and acoustic monitoring in the DMA.


Within days of the pilot, the city’s new ‘Smart PRVs’ identified a failing valve for repair. Additionally, Visenti’s leak detection solution in the Upper Dear Valley DMA discovered eight leaking service lines which after repair resulted in a 66% reduction in real losses in that area. So far, Park City has reduced its NRW from 17% to 10% since the pilots.